Lithuania has approved “Sakartvelas” (Sakartvelo) as its official name for Georgia

This is how the citizens of Georgia name their country.

Lithuania changed the official name of Georgia to Sakartvelas. This decision was approved by the State Commission on the Lithuanian language. Now the name Sakartvelo will be used in all official documents, but the name Georgia can still be used in public space.

Georgia is a name that is widely used in the CIS countries, but the citizens of the country themselves call it Sakartvelo. In most countries of the world, the Latin name of Georgia (Georgia) and its derivatives are used.

Georgian politicians and diplomats earlier asked Lithuanian officials to change the name, saying that “Gruzija” reflected the Russian name for the nation.

Sakartvelas is the official name now

Audrys Antanaitis, Chairman of the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language (VLKK)

The name Sakartvelo, “country of Kartvels”, comes from the region of Kartli, founded by the historical and geographical region of the country. Accordingly, the Kartvels are the Georgian people.

Before introducing official changes, Lithuania had already used the name Sakartvelo as an unofficial alternative since 2018.