Lithuanians purchased 110 powerful anti-drone guns for Ukraine

The Lithuanian public has purchased 110 powerful EDM4S anti-drone guns for Ukraine for a total cost of about one and a half million euros.

This was announced by TV showman, founder of “Liberty TV” and public figure Andrius Tapinas.

He noted that anti-drone guns of his own production would be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible. They will be distributed among 35 units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We named them Orcrist – Orc Killer. Tolkien would appreciate it

Andrius Tapinas

Earlier, Lithuanians purchased 6 modern drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Some of them are heading to Ukraine right now; two more models will join in two months. The total cost for six drones is 990 thousand euros, that is, the price of one is 165 thousand.

At the end of May, the Lithuanians collected 5 million euros for the “Bayraktar” for Ukrainian soldiers in 3.5 days. When the Turkish drone company found out about this, it announced that it would give Lithuania one Bayraktar for Ukraine free of charge.

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