Lomachenko and Usyk computer game heroes

Ukrainian boxers, former world champions Vasily Lomachenko and Aleksandr Usyk will become heroes of the new eSports Boxing Club simulator.

The game will feature the best boxers from different eras. In addition to Lomachenko and Usyk, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Fraser, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis, Roy Jones, Arturo Gatti and other legends will appear in the simulator.

Vasily Lomachenko and Aleksandr Usyk

In the game you can go through amateur tournaments, earn professional ranks, win the Lonsdale belt, become champions in continental and world competitions. But in order to reach any heights, you will have to train your fighter and achieve victories, hire your own staff: from a trainer to a nutritionist and promoter, as well as monitor the characteristics and much more. There are also some licensed objects in the game, such as halls, leagues, and so on.

Former world lightweight champion Lomachenko is due to return to the ring in June. It is expected that the rival of the Ukrainian will be the Japanese Nakatani. Usyk is scheduled to host his third heavyweight fight this year. Alexander’s team is negotiating a duel with Joe Joyce.

eSports Boxing Club is a game that is bringing the boxing world together to deliver something for fans that has never been achieved. This mammoth project has professional boxers and institutions involved in the actual development of the title. It was developed what founders feel is the most realistic looking movement system within a boxing game, and are looking to enhance this and other gameplay mechanics further. 

eSports Boxing Club includes the WBC, the Ring Magazine, IBF, CompuBox, The British Boxing Board of Control and many others to really bring fight fans the ultimate boxing experience. It will feature a deep character experience with many different fighter attributes. Ranging from punch power to discipline, ESBC will also feature a ground-breaking trait system that’s never been used in boxing.