“Luch” handed over to Ukrainian defenders all products prepared for export

The State Enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” (hereinafter SKDB “Luch”) was found in 1965 in the USSR as the main developer of control and fault diagnostic automated systems for special-purpose aircraft equipment. During it’s history the Enterprise has developed and put into production more than 40 types of sophisticated scientific products, including  automated and automatic control and diagnostics systems of air weapons, electric control actuator units, other systems and units of high-precision weapons and also systems of testing and management of technological processes in the industry, sophisticated medical equipment and consumer goods. 
Production developed by SKDB “Luch” is successfully operated not only in Ukraine but also in many countries around the world.

Dozens of “Skif” and “Corsair” complexes, which were to be delivered to foreign customers, have already been handed over and are being successfully used by the defenders of Ukraine.

Man portable antitank missile system“Skif” can operate on targets up to 5 km. “Corsair” – up to 2.5 km.


Photo below: lining up several units of enemy equipment. Note that the operator did not even need to switch from the Arabic interface language.

We remind you that to change the interface language in export “Skif”, you need to press the four lower buttons before turning on the power switch.

Some SE SKDB “Luch” developments were honoured with State Prizes of Ukraine in field of science and technology.

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