Lukashenko said that he carried out a “special operation” in Ukraine to free citizens of Belarus

The self-proclaimed leader of the Republic of Belarus also spoke about the fictitious seized property.

The self-proclaimed leader of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said that the property of the Republic of Belarus was allegedly arrested in Ukraine, and about a hundred Belarusians with it. According to the dictator, a “special operation” was carried out to free them – of course, a fictitious one.

Lukashenko made the corresponding statement during the National Security Council of Belarus meeting.

“It got to the point that these scoundrels began to capture our people there, primarily drivers of cars who got there,” Lukashenko said, referring to Ukraine.

Further, the dictator stated that the Ukrainians allegedly arrested one and a half thousand wagons and up to a hundred cars owned by Belarusians. People, according to him, were also taken prisoner.

“I warned the Ukrainians that we would be forced to conduct a special operation to free these people. We carried out such a special operation. And all our people were released,” Lukashenko added.

Recall that since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus has been actively used by the Russian Federation as a springboard for offensive and shelling. For example, last week, 20 missiles were fired from the Republic of Belarus at our country in one day.

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