Lukashenko told whether he would announce mobilization in Belarus

He says that the plans for mobilization in Belarus are “a lie”.

Alexander Lukashenko, who silently dragged Belarus into the war against Ukraine, assures that there will be no mobilization in Belarus.

He says that mobilization is taking place only in Russia, Belta reports.

“This mobilization is in Russia. The fact that they are trying to throw this bridge over us, what will we have … and if not?” – Lukashenka delivered a speech in his own style.

“It would be you propagandists who would be beaten up. But they won’t get anything for it. They need to create a situation. To cling to something, and there will be no mobilization. This is a lie,” he added.

  • On August 31, Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that some “incomprehensible movements of Belarus”, from the point of view of strategic movements, could be expected in the first weeks of the war.
  • In Belarus, near the border with Ukraine, on September 8-14, military exercises were held jointly with Russia and other CSTO countries.

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