Maia Sandu: Russian agents in Gagauzia are trying to destabilize the situation in Moldova

The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, said that people in Gagauzia are trying to destabilize the situation in Moldova and are working for Russia. HotNews reports.

“There are certain attempts to destabilize the situation by certain individuals and groups in Gagauzia, which we believe are working for foreign interests. It is difficult, but our departments are trying to keep the situation under control, monitor it, and take measures when necessary,” said the president.

She noted that she still does not believe that these people pose a significant risk.

“We heard statements from people in Gagauzia directed against Moldova. We believe these people work for Russia, and there is a certain role there. But in general, we do not think there is a big risk, and we hope we will be able to keep the situation stable,” said Sandu.

She also noted that there were several incidents in Transnistria as well. But, according to Sandu, the authorities do not see any serious risks yet.

Maia Sandu at HotNews

“Currently, we believe that there are no serious risks. But this does not mean the situation cannot change in a month or two. We are closely monitoring what is happening, we are communicating with the local regime to make sure that there are no actions that will endanger the health and safety of citizens,” said Sandu.

She emphasized that the country’s energy security plays an important role in maintaining stability in the country.

“We must have a backup solution plan in case we cannot find other alternatives. Because it is not only about solving the energy problem but also about maintaining stability in Moldova. This is important for us, Romania and Ukraine,” said Sandu.

Maia Sandu said at a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on July 29 that Moldova wants to buy gas from Romania and as soon as possible. Iohannis promised that the Romanian government would consider this request in the coming days, and assured that Romania would not leave Moldova in trouble.

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