Major General of the SBU reserves assessed the possibility of a change of power in Russia

In the aggressor country, the entire political system must be dismantled.

Major-General of the SBU reserve Viktor Yagun assessed the possibility of a change of power in Russia and the emergence of a safe for Ukraine successor to Putin.

He spoke about this on the air of FreeDom, commenting on the statement of the British Ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, about the absence of a person in the Russian landscape who could replace Putin and who would immediately make Ukrainians feel safer.

“Unfortunately, this is a problem for generations. Russia completely cleared its opponents’ political system and destroyed the entire systemic opposition. The last person who could say something to their eyes was the former mayor of Yekaterinburg, he was also under arrest. And not for some political actions, but for one or two words, maybe not even very cultured ones on Twitter. Therefore, even such small manifestations of protest, they are even in this vein, prohibited in Russia. Therefore, unfortunately, it is impossible to expect the appearance of a leader “, – says Yagun.

He also notes that the matter is not only in one leader of the Kremlin, but in the entire political system of the Russian Federation.

“Putin himself is nobody. Everything around him is collective Putin. If they had not created this system together, it would not work simply. Therefore, removing Putin is not a fact. There is a question of dismantling the entire system of power that now works in the Russian Federation. How will it be dismantled? I don’t know. Apparently, only such a process as Germany was once denazified, perhaps only such a process and control over power in the Russian Federation by the international community, only in this way can we expect a change in the political system. And perhaps someday in the future, it will be possible to cure most of the Russian political elite from what we call rashism,” the expert added.

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