Malyar: The enemy has minor variable success in the battle for Bakhmut

The Russian occupiers had minor successes in the battle for Bakhmut, but they could not capture the city.

This was reported by Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar in Telegram.

Malyar noted that the situation in the East in the areas of the defensive operation remains quite complicated.

“The aggressor is carrying out the main offensive actions simultaneously in four directions, namely: Lyman, Bakhmut, Mariinka and Avdiivka. Mostly it is not successful,” Malyar said.

“The greatest efforts are focused on establishing control over Bakhmut, trying to move towards the central part of the city, in some areas, it has minor variable successes. But it cannot capture the city. Tough battles continue around and in the city itself,” the deputy minister emphasized.

The enemy is also conducting offensive operations in the Avdiivka area in order to surround the city and block supply routes.

In addition, fighting continues in Belogorovka and Mariinka.

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