Maria Prymachenko’s artwork was sold at a charity auction for 110,000 euros

“My House, My Truth”, Maria Prymachenko, 1989, @immortalarts

In Venice, at the charity auction Benefit for Ukraine’s People & Culture, Maria Prymachenko’s work “My House, My Truth” was sold for 110,000 euros – it became the most expensive among the artist’s paintings.

The funds will be donated to charitable foundations, including the Maria Pryimachenko Family Foundation, to help Ukrainian culture. The initial cost of the lot was 15-20 thousand euros.

“My house My truth My mother did it all and gave me. She sewed, spun, baked bread and pounded millet”.

Family. The older generation, having lived life, passes on their experience to their children. Maria Prymachenko’s mother passed on her love for art, and taught her to embroider and be herself.

Among the lots is also the work of Ukrainian artist Alina Zamanova Day 31 of War – its price was €35,000.

In addition, the auction put up the work of foreign artists – Nate Lowman, Louise Nevelson, Jonathan Horowitz, Sarah Morris and others.

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