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This horrible text is written by an eye witness, Petro Andriushchenko, a member of Mariupol Council. Everything he describes is happening right now, today.

"I just want us to record what is happening right now and its consequences. I will say upfront that the consequences are very preliminary, after we have the real numbers the whole world will be shocked by the level of inhumanity.

7 days of complete siege of the city and destruction of its infrastructure. This means that the city is without electricity, heat, drinking water and gas.

For 9 days the city is under constant shelling by artillery (Grad, Smerch, Tochka U rockets), under fire and air bombs.

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Mariupol's left bank district where about 135,000 people lived is no longer livable. The other districts have critical damage, most residential buildings are no longer good for people.

Maternity hospitals, hospitals and blood transfusion stations are bombed as targets.

Now the main thing

For 7 days more than 350,000 people are in fact held hostage by the Russian Federation. This includes 3,000 babies, and the total number of children in the city is about 50,000. Now all of them could die of dehydration, hunger or direct military agression.

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At least 1,207 people have died already by rough calculations, and most of them cannot be identified not because of lack of documents but because we don't know the exact number of people under the debris. It's impossible to uncover people from under ruins, evacuate the wounded and gather the dead because of the direct attack of the Russian army. We cannot count the real number of the wounded for this very reason. All the hospitals were already full by the second day of the shelling, which is already 2,500 beds.

The first mass grave is a final resting place for 32 people. Each day of the siege is final for at least 32 people. It is 600 litres of blood, Mariupol blood. The city is literally covered in it.

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It's unbearable pain. Pain all day long. Day after day of desperation and pain. Humanity hasn't invented a word to describe what is done to Ukrainian citizens in Mariupol.

All this pain will turn to fury. Deathly hatred towards Russians. Towards each Russian- it's not Putin who launches the rocket, all these weapons are not paid for with Putin's personal money. Putin is not the only one supporting the war in Ukraine - it is the common responsibility of Russian citizens.

And Ukraine's common fury.

Today is Mariupol's last hope for a humanitarian solution. A hope which is almost non existent. Only pure hatred.

We are standing.

You can destroy walls, you can try and kill everyone. But you cannot destroy the spirit of Mariupol.
Mariupol will take revenge."

The Odessa Journal
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