Mariusz Blaszczak: First batteries of Patriot missile defense systems already in Ukraine

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said the first Patriot missile defense systems had already arrived in Ukraine.

“I must emphasize that thanks to the efforts made by Poland, the first batteries of Patriot air defense systems and Leopard tanks are already in Ukraine,” the head of the Defense Ministry said in an interview with the Spanish media of Razon.

He also added that gross violations of international rights and war crimes could not be put up with because if this is allowed, Putin will not stop there. According to Blaszczak, Poland has already supplied Ukraine with weapons worth €2.2 billion.

“But I want to emphasize here that only our joint actions – the actions of the entire free world – can tip the scales of this unjust conflict in the right direction. As for the issue of aircraft, decisions on this issue must be made at a broader allied level,” he added.

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