Mark Feygin: Moscow tests the strength of opponents

Russia makes a fuss out of every situation from which it draws political points, the human rights activist is sure.

The Russian military-political leadership deliberately creates fuss around itself to get political points from it.

Moscow cannot be trusted because it tests the strength of opponents, Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin said on the air of the FreeDOM channel.

According to him, now Russia is actively promoting the narrative of readiness for negotiations with Ukraine. There has already been a buzz around this. Subsequently, the Kremlin uses this situation to promote a new narrative, they say, “you see, we offered, but they refused.”

“Remember, on the eve of the war, how many times did Zelensky ask for a top-level meeting with Putin? Weekly. He spoke, urged… What did Putin answer? And now he runs after him, and Zelensky refuses. The time for the summit has already passed. Then it was necessary, but now it is necessary in a different way. Now we need to do some convincing actions, because the war changes everything. Before the war it was possible, but with the war – it is no longer possible,” Feygin said.

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