Mark Feygin: Putin is looking for a loophole

This is not the first time Putin has repeated the thesis that his army’s plan is to “defend” illegal quasi-republics. It is believed that this may be the preparation of the Russian population for the defeat of Russia in the war.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin also noted that Putin repeatedly focused on Donbas in his latest statements. He expressed his opinion on this matter to Channel 24.

According to him, he spoke about this at the economic forum, and now he repeated it at his last briefing.

“This is a way to “recoup”, all of a sudden. All in order to later show this as an allegedly fait accompli, they say, “from the beginning we announced that we” support “pseudo-republics,” Feygin said.

The human rights activist also noted how the Kremlin dictator answered the question about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Putin replied that “we’ll see.” And what to look at, how it has already happened? Look now towards Lugansk,” he added.

Also, as he added, the head of the Kremlin is becoming very careful in what he says, and in his statements, he refers to the General Staff. The fact is that he understands that if he loses Luhansk out of control, he will also need to somehow explain to his population.

“He is aware that if the offensive of Ukraine continues, the liberation of its territories, then he must leave at least some loophole for himself. Some place where he can rhetorically retreat and justify himself. All this looks very awkward, although he is trying to be calm. However, the situation at the front proves that he needs to try very hard to hide his emotions,” Feygin emphasized.

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