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Main War — Mark Feygin: The dependence of the oligarchs on Moscow is higher than it seems


Mark Feygin: The dependence of the oligarchs on Moscow is higher than it seems

20 Feb, 2023
Mark Feygin: The dependence of the oligarchs on Moscow is higher than it seems

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Andrei Chernyak, a spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, said that Ukrainian intelligence cooperates with people from Putin's entourage. The intelligence officer noted that these people in the Kremlin could only overthrow Putin if he is sufficiently weakened. If he loses power, he will be destroyed. Who could these people be? And what does "Putin will weaken" mean? Has he weakened yet? Russian human rights activist and opposition politician Mark Feygin answered these questions in an interview with Unian.

"First. Military intelligence is engaged in some provocation of the situation, including. This is a common operational thing of the psychological, informational impact. You say: "Everyone around you is our agents." And the object begins to go nerve. I admit that this is also said to cause a provocative effect. To look at the reactivity of the ciliates of the shoe, you need to poke it with a needle. I think it definitely exists.

As for the agents. It's hard for me to judge, I can't imagine the drunkard Medvedev, who in the evenings, snaps off cipher messages to Kyiv about Putin's plans. I think that the American intelligence services, and the CIA have long-standing contacts. I cannot call them ordinary operational cooperation, but I can quite say that some kind of communication is going on. There is a very important lubricating moment of these relations - the oligarchy.

It is closely connected with the military leadership, the FSB, the Presidential Administration, and the government. They appointed their ministers. Of course, all these "Abramovichs" have some kind of contact. It's ridiculous to deny it. I would not rule out that the Ukrainian side also has some contacts of its own, perhaps peripheral ones.

On the other hand, there is interest. If Moscow won in two or three days, there would be nothing to discuss. But the prospects are not the brightest. And there are a lot of fools out there. The apparatus is full of fools on all floors. And there are such fools who certainly understand this. Tomorrow it can be pinched so that the "jam" will flow, as they say. Such people can start to fuss.

The oligarchs are the first who do not benefit from this war. For example, sanctions against Alfabank. Of course, all this is unprofitable for them, they suffer from it. They don't need it at all. They are generally about theft, earnings, pleasure.

Another thing is that having a relationship with them is also very dangerous. For example, the role of Abramovich, who is a trusted party to the Ukrainian authorities, is also dangerous. This is a person, and in general, people of this class, whose cynicism must be multiplied by 10. They can hand over, or sell at any moment. The fact that Abramovich "suffers from the death of people" is designed for idiots, for the finished ones. He is concerned about only one single thing - so that his capital is not taken away, given the opportunity to live as he lived, to return to London or somewhere else, he has a fan of passports. It doesn't help him now. And if there are American sanctions, he can flush them down the toilet.

These people will never do anything that would be contrary to their direct interests. It will be necessary to continue the war, they will be the first to shout: “Come on, the second “battle.” Therefore, one must be extremely careful with them, even if they sell themselves as intermediaries in exchanges and so on. This should not inspire the illusion that they are strong people, that due to contact with them, the environment expands, and that they can somehow be helpful. They can be useful only up to a certain stage, because they do not have decisive power and strength. They have the army, the FSB. The dependence of the oligarchs on Moscow is higher than it seems.

So, I think the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine is not deceiving. They really have something."

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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