Masters of Odessa “Angle”: exhibition of plein-airs painters.

Gallery “Rakurs” (glimpse, perspective) in Odessa celebrates 20 years of activity with three exhibitions: “Our Stars” in the hall of the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore; “Friends” in the premises of the Ave Charity Foundation (since October 26); and “Masters of Angle” in the Underground gallery (Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 1).

Who are these masters? The Rakurs collection contains pictures of the departed Valery Geghamyan, Orest Sleshinsky, Vadim Kucher-Kutsan and living authors Leonid Shilov, Anatoly and Galina Kravchenko, Gennady Garmider, Svetlana Krizhevskaya, Viktor Gorbunov, Natalya Loza.

The founder of the gallery, Sergey Braiko, a former sailor who began his gallery activity with the sale of paintings in the City Garden, was celebrated during the opening. His art is to take creative people, who are not the easy people to communicate, to work in the nature, having previously found sponsors for this activity.

Sergey Braiko and Rita Kolobova

I have little experience as a gallery owner, and Sergey helped me a lot. He managed to stay on this rather long path, where you won’t get fat and you won’t earn much. Such a normal everyday hero.

Valery Makhin, owner of the Underground gallery

Over the past five years, Sergey Braiko has found a partner in the person of Rita Kolobova, head of the Ave Charity Foundation, and the gallery has acquired a new lifestyle, more bohemian. For the first visitors, Rita Kolobova took a tour of the exposition.

But, of course, painting is better perceived up close, The artists of Rakurs are waiting for the audience. Masters of Odessa “Angle”: the art of holding plein-airs and selling paintings.

Source and photos: Dumskaya.net

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