Medvedev is confident that the Poles will capture Lviv and rename it Lemberg

The former Russian president, now deputy head of the local Security Council, reacted nervously to the news that Poland was going to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine, as well as to the meeting in Lviv of the presidents of the Lublin Triangle countries – Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, Poland Andrzej Duda, and Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda.

About the tanks, Medvedev said that they were “hardware” that would soon become “rusty scrap metal” and that they would not save the “artificial” Ukraine, which, as he sees from Moscow, is “falling apart.”

“Three wretched people from Warsaw, Vilnius and Kyiv, suffering from imperial ambitions and phantom pains caused by the history that battered them, gathered in Lvov. And they pray, as it turned out, for tanks. “Leopards” there are all sorts of modernized T-72s by our enemies, which I spoke about yesterday, some other English illiquid.”

Medvedev also expressed confidence that the purpose of the meeting was the desire to “properly attach the western Ukrainian regions to the new (former) owners,” clearly referring to the Poles, whose state Lviv was part of until 1939.

At the same time, the Kremlin official, who over the past year has become well accustomed to the role of a clownish blogger, for some reason is sure that Lviv will again be renamed as Lemberg. Although Lemberg is not a Polish name at all, but a German one. In Polish, Lviv is Lwów.

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