MFA: Rates and volumes of assistance to the energy system of Ukraine have changed

The head of the Foreign Ministry is convinced that Ukraine and international partners will not allow Russian missile terror to achieve its goals.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba announced an increase in the pace and volume of assistance from international partners for the energy system of Ukraine.

Kuleba said this during an online briefing, noting that both governments of partner countries and private companies are being mobilized.

The Minister said that the Foreign Ministry continues to assist the Ministry of Energy, National Energy Company Ukrenergo, and other departments in restoring the energy system of Ukraine, which was damaged by Russian terrorist strikes.

“I am grateful to the Howard Buffett Foundation, which will provide Ukraine with energy equipment, and high-capacity generators worth $30 million. The first batch of eight generators will arrive in Ukraine next week,” Kuleba said.

He added that this resulted from a meeting and agreement between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Howard Buffett himself.

The head of the Foreign Ministry also said that the Netherlands allocated 26 heavy-duty transformers, spare parts, and equipment for Ukraine.

In addition, the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment handed over 42 kilometers of cable, 259 transformers, flow restrictors, and disconnectors.

“This equipment is awaiting technical evaluation and is being prepared for shipment to Ukraine” – He also said that, among other things, it is planned to send a number of powerful transformers from Czech partners to Ukraine.

Kuleba expressed gratitude to all partners. The minister stressed that after the G7+ meeting last week in Bucharest, the pace and volume of assistance for the Ukrainian energy system is growing.

“Together, we will not let Russian missile terror achieve its goals,” Kuleba stressed.