Mikhail Gorbachev died

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev died at the age of 92.

This is reported by Russian media with reference to the Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow.

“Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev died this evening after a severe and prolonged illness,” the hospital said.

According to Russian Telegram channels, on the eve of his death, Gorbachev arrived at the hospital for hemodialysis. He had kidney problems.

The ex-president was in the special department of the Central Clinical Hospital.

Gorbachev was the only president of the USSR in history from March 15, 1990 to December 25, 1991. He was also the last General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the head of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1990 he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

In March 2014, Gorbachev called the holding of an illegal referendum in occupied Crimea “correcting a historical mistake.”

In May 2016, the Security Service of Ukraine banned him from entering the country for five years. He replied that he had not traveled to Ukraine for a long time and did not plan to.

Russian journalist Alexei Venediktov said Gorbachev was disappointed with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Venediktov, by doing so, he “destroyed all his legacy.”

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