Mikhail Sheitelman: A civil war begins in Russia, and air defense is put on the roofs, not because of Ukraine

The political technologist believes that with these means, the authorities of the Russian Federation are protecting not Moscow but themselves.

Political strategist and writer Mikhail Sheitelman is convinced that the installation of air defense systems on the roofs of Moscow’s administrative buildings and near Putin’s residence is not connected with the fact that the Kremlin is afraid of attacks from Ukraine. So the Kremlin is trying to protect itself from the consequences of the civil war beginning in the Russian Federation.

On the air of the FREEDOM TV , Sheitelman stressed that there are better ways to scare the population before the coming wave of mobilization, since the population is mobilized mainly not in Moscow, but in other regions.

“I just don’t think that this is on purpose to convince someone of something. It seems to me that, owning all the television in the country, you can make people believe in something with simpler methods than putting money on the roof in distant Moscow Air defense. When we talk about the mobilization that is coming and taking place right now, people are mobilizing not in Moscow, but in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, people are mobilizing in Ulan-Ude, and for them this Moscow … You know, you and I are watching on TV that these air defense systems are raised on the roofs, and we begin to doubt whether this is true or not. We begin to try to confirm this,” he said.

The political technologist believes that Ulan-Ude does not believe in this either. In addition, people there “have never seen this Moscow in the eye.”

“They don’t know what kind of building this is, what kind of city this is; they have never been there; they haven’t even been close to it. Therefore, for them, it’s all a very distant story. It’s like telling them that something is going on in Washington. They don’t know where this Moscow is. Therefore, no, I do not believe that this “show someone”, it would be too complicated and ineffective. This is a real means of protection. The question is, who are they going to protect themselves from? I’m not sure that they are going to defend against the Ukrainian army, given that around Moscow there is an anti-missile defense belt built back in the Soviet era – big and unique enough,” he continued.

The expert explained that because of this system of attacks from the outside, “they shouldn’t be afraid.”

“And note that they are protecting their own administrative buildings, they are not protecting military factories, not oil depots, where there is a real threat, not bases for mobilized people, but administrative buildings. Therefore, they are afraid of a revolution; they are afraid of a coup in a military country. They are afraid they will start shooting at them from inside Moscow, and some conditional PMC “Wagner” will start fighting with the Ministry of Defense. This is a defense against the fact that PMC “Wagner” will shoot with drones from the Garden Ring or Khimki,” Sheitelman emphasized.

In addition, the expert commented on installing the Pantsir complex in Valdai, not far from the residence of Vladimir Putin. According to him, this is protection from internal threats.

“There was a coup inside the Kremlin, inside the system, at least. When they appointed Gerasimov as the commander of the troops in Ukraine, the statesmen, represented by the Ministry of Defense and some of their allies, took over the unofficial structures, which were given enormous power. Until now, the war in Ukraine was commanded by some people from unofficial structures. Who is Prigozhine? He is also someone’s. Here Prigozhin and someone commanded this war. Since September, this has been happening. Then the military took over, it happened about two weeks ago, when Gerasimov was appointed again. This is the beginning of a civil war, a civil confrontation not yet hot. For now, it’s a cold civil war, but it’s on. Remember how the “Wagnerites” insulted Gerasimov? Now it has moved to a broader stage, these “Wagnerites” – not necessarily directly PMC “Wagner”, but supporters – can start this war against Putin’s supporters. Yes, it happens,” he added.

The political strategist is convinced that with these means, the authorities of the Russian Federation are protecting not Moscow, but themselves.