Mikhail Sheitelman: “Putin does not react to explosions in Crimea, so we can do “whatever” we like”

Russian President Putin does not respond to explosions in the temporarily occupied Crimea, although he and his henchmen have repeatedly threatened a “tough response.” This means that Ukraine can do “anything”.

Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman shared this opinion on the air of Channel 24.

The expert believes that exposions on the peninsula were the so-called “test” of Putin. He did not react to this in any way, so this may be some kind of signal. Previously, the dictator himself arranged the so-called “tests” when he tried to find out how far his aggression could go. Putin wanted to see if new sanctions would be imposed against him and the Russian Federation after another strike on Ukrainian cities.

We also checked Putin. For 10 days, Crimea has been shelled. Do you remember what statement Putin made about this? That’s right – none.

Mikhail Sheitelman

That is why we can do “anything”, because the political scientist believes that Ukraine has nothing to be afraid of. Putin considers Crimea his territory but remains silent when warehouses burn and explode there.

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