Mikhail Sheitelman: Who from Putin’s entourage wants his death

The head of intelligence, Budanov, said that there are quite a few people in Putin’s entourage who cooperate with Ukrainian intelligence. Who benefits most from Putin’s political or physical end in Russia today? Political scientist Mikhail Sheitelman gave his answer in an interview with Unian.

“Almost everyone. Putin voluntarily and consciously chose his fate, but the rest did not choose it. Together with him, several other close people chose his fate. For example, conditional Kovalchuks. They say they supported him with all these crazy ideas and gave him books about Peter I. In general, there is a certain minimum number of people among his friends who chose his fate and who would not benefit from losing him. Any of the rest doesn’t need Putin at all now, because each of them understands that all this will go to the abyss for a long time. But in the short term, each of them is busy with his life: every morning they take their great-grandchildren to school, then they must steal money every day.

And now these first rows of the Federal Assembly are sitting, and each has its own “glade”. One produces rockets; the other sews uniforms; the third recruits soldiers and, accordingly, takes money for not taking someone; the fourth issues an exit permit at the border. The budgets are all swollen, and they all sit and steal as if on the last day because they understand that they will never have such a chance again. Now we need to grab for life. And each is waiting for someone else to deal with Putin, because they want to live well on this money. They save themselves for these bright days when Putin dies. Then these people will begin to “bring in” for getting some kind of position, someone will go to the Maldives to rest, but his death is beneficial to everyone.”

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