Mobilization in Russia: expert called Putin “impotent” and predicted riots in Russia

By signing a decree on partial mobilization in Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not solve a single problem but created the prerequisites for a dozen new ones.

This opinion was expressed by the military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko.

“Half-measures of a political impotent. That’s how I can characterize Putin’s signing of a decree on partial mobilization in Russia. The Russian army is now in a critical situation due to the lack of full compensation for the losses it suffers in Ukraine. The covert mobilization of volunteers does not help, the convicts who are being collected on correctional colonies, they also did not resolve the issue,” Kovalenko noted.

“This morning, the President of Russia announces partial, not general, mobilization in the country. Partial mobilization, also will not solve absolutely any problems of the Russian army. Neither quantitative nor professional, none. And even more, they will add. After all, one way or otherwise, and this will be a forced form of mobilization. And where there is coercion, there is always a place for disobedience,” the expert added.

Kovalenko predicts that, reports of refuseniks, deserters, and riots at the level of a unit or even a military unit will gradually appear in the news feeds of the Russian media.

  • Recall that on September 21, Russian President Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. In his address, he also threatened the whole world with nuclear weapons.