‘Modern’ russian Cruise Missiles Are Equipped with Electronics, Developed in the 1960s

Russian Х-101 cruise missiles were manufactured from 1999 to 2013. Russian media reported them as a pride of the latest high-precision Russian weapons.

However, employing X-101 missiles by the occupiers during the hostilities in Ukraine denied the claimed effectiveness. The electronic component base turned out to be very far from modern.

The analysis of X-55 cruise missile guidance and navigation systems, as well as their modifications X-555 and X-101 conducted by Ukrainian experts, showed that modern’ guidance units were developed in 1960s-1970s and produced by the Voronezh Plant of Radio Parts, Minsk plant “Integral” and other enterprises of the Soviet Union.

In addition, the navigation system “PGI-2M” (was developed in 1977) is used in the ‘newest’ missiles. It was installed on Su-27 or MiH-29 aircrafts of the Soviet period.

Most of the X-101 missiles fired on Ukraine, did not hit the targets.

As they say – ‘there are no analogues’.