Mongolia promised to issue residence permits to all Russians who ask for it

The Mongolian Immigration Agency said it would issue a residence permit to all Russians who applied for it. This was announced by the head of the agency Nerguyn Uuganbayar.

“Citizens of the Russian Federation apply to stay in Mongolia for a certain period. In connection with this situation, a decision was made to grant the corresponding category of residence permits to the citizens of the Russian Federation who applied,” Ikon.mn quoted Uuganbayar. The head of the agency added that there are 56 different categories of residence permits in Mongolia.

In the first week after the start of mobilization in Russia, more than six thousand Russians entered Mongolia. At the same time, about 750 people extended their stay in the country and more than a thousand Russians received advice on obtaining a residence permit and extending their stay in Mongolia.

  • After September 21, when mobilization was announced in Russia, tens of thousands of Russians began to leave the country. Many kilometers of traffic jams formed at the land borders. Most people go to Kazakhstan and Georgia.

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