“Museum collection” of shawls

The Oliz brand has created scarves and shawls with reproductions of famous paintings to support museums

In times of social and economic problems, art and culture suffer the most. But in the most difficult times, art itself helps us to survive – it inspires, gives strength and fragile, elusive, but at the same time strong support. Observing beauty helps to concentrate and see the most important things.

The OLIZ brand has launched the Silk Art project”, which created the “Museum collection”. 20% of the sale of shawls will support the museums that took part in this initiative.

This time Oliz created a collection of silk scarves with the reproductions of paintings taken from the collection of the Odessa Fine Art Museum:

“Washing the Flock” and “Morning at the Sea” by Ivan Aivazovsky, “Oaks” by Gerasim Golovkov and “Harvest” by Zinaida Srebryakova

“Museum collection”

“Beauty will save the world” is especially relevant today, when we need more reasons to be proud of our country and its artists. That is why we want to support ukrainian museums and give you the opportunity to have your own museum at home

OLIZ brand representatives

Photo: Angelina Golt
Model: Lizunosby
Style: Diana Onatskaya


Washing the Flock, I. Aivazovsky
Morning at the Sea, I. Aivazovsky
Oaks, Gerassim Golovkov
Harvest, Zinaida Serebryakova

You can purchase it on the OLIZ or OFAM website or directly in the museum at Sofiyivska, 5a.