Mykola Malomuzh: is the West ready today to recognize the inevitability of Russia’s collapse

Malomuzh explained in an interview with Obozrevatel, is the West ready today to recognize the inevitability of Russia’s collapse, or is the West still afraid of the collapse of the Russian Federation?

“Today the West is not ready for the collapse of Russia. He wants to weaken Putin into accepting all the terms of his defeat, including security guarantees, demilitarization, and compensation for wartime destruction. This is an extreme option for Putin, and he can hold on to some conditions. This is on the one hand.

On the other hand, these are negotiations and the coming to replacement Putin of a certain regime in Russia, for example, led by security forces, politicians who will replace Putin as a result of a major failure, a major weakening when he will no longer have a strong influence on the entire political, social segment in Russia, and even more so on power structures and their environment.

Judging by the information I received thanks to my contacts in the USA and Europe, I am sure that the West would like to weaken the regime in the Russian Federation; it would like Putin to be replaced by representatives of the Russian political elite, perhaps part of the military, who would guarantee the stability of Russia, preventing uncontrolled use of nuclear weapons by new possible state entities during the collapse of the Russian Federation.

This is the same theme that sounded during the collapse of the Soviet Union when the US president urged Ukraine not to allow the collapse of the Union, as it would lead to “nuclear chaos.”

Now, this position is supported, at least unofficially, by almost the entire West. Therefore, the West will try to weaken significantly Russia to the point of degradation of the Russian Federation – with Putin or, most likely, without Putin. But with the regime that will maintain control over the Russian Federation.”

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