Mykola Malomuzh: Russia is preparing a new offensive

Putin will be ready even for general mobilization.

Russia is preparing a new attack and a large-scale offensive against Ukraine. Putin may try to strike hard, but the strategic success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces may thwart his plans.

As the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Mykola Malomuzh, said on FREEDOM, the future situation at the front depends on the defenders of Ukraine. In the coming weeks, it is important to release Kherson, and after that, the Ukrainian Armed Forces already have other plans, but they are kept secret.

And after that, the bloody dictator will have to take desperate measures.

“And here Putin will be forced to go to stop the war, to withdraw from the territory of the state under our military pressure and pressure from the powerful international format: from the West, and possibly even from China, and Turkey, and India, and other countries. Because the threat is already developing into a global and even nuclear one. Therefore, all countries are interested in stopping the war,” Malomuzh said.

According to him, the Russians will not retreat from Ukrainian territories until the Armed Forces of Ukraine knock them out. “Putin is desperate to maintain his image and is not ready to admit defeat, so he may once again announce a “partial” mobilization. It is important to repulse the enemy before the end of winter,” said Malomuzh

Mykola Malomuzh

“If by this time we have not yet smashed them head on, it’s two or three months, then somewhere from the end of winter-spring, he will begin new offensive operations. Where they will still hold the front. We need to prepare for this situation .. There will be many of them,” the ex-head of intelligence believes.

Of course, the Russian Federation has old equipment, untrained “mobilized” and failures at the front. However, Malomuzh notes, Putin is ready for general mobilization, which is a much larger amount of manpower.

“But it will be a more protracted war. I think that for six months or more. I think that we will solve problems much faster. Now there are all the prerequisites for this,” Malomuzh added and stressed that to defeat the Russian Federation, we need to work on all fronts, both in Ukraine and worldwide.