Mykola Malomuzh: What will happen if the West delays the provision of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Now the United States, Britain, and the EU countries must supply Ukraine with weapons and equipment on time.

Ukrainian general and former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh predicts that we will have a difficult period in the war with Russia, as the Kremlin feels defeated and will try to increase resources in all formats.

As Malomuzh explained in an interview with Obozrevatel, “the Russian military-industrial complex works around the clock, seven days a week, “riveting” missiles, other weapons and equipment. In addition, it is obvious that there will be another stage of mobilization in the Russian Federation.”

Therefore, at this stage, the general emphasized it is crucial that the United States, Britain, and the EU countries supply Ukraine with weapons and equipment on time:

“This assistance must be fast. If we delay this process, Russia will accumulate resources, it and deploy its forces, and it will be a hard war. The question of time is very important here.”

If the West delays with help, this will prevent Ukraine from launching strategic offensive operations. That is, everything will take place at the tactical operations level, which will give Russia a head start.

“The Kremlin understands that they can continue to hold the lines in the Bakhmut, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya, and Kherson directions. This gives Russia more prospects for conducting new offensive operations. Therefore, our military command must act very quickly. It is necessary to attract all resources not only to carry out an effective offensive but also to secure the rear, as we did in the Kharkiv direction and the flanks, to go to victory all the way to the borders.”

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