NATO exercises are taking place in Romania on the Black Sea coast

Large NATO military exercises began yesterday at the mouth of the Danube River in the Black Sea in Romania.

More than 3,400 military personnel from several NATO countries, including Poland, will take part in the Sea Shield Romania exercise. The armies of Moldova and Georgia will also be trained as guests.

The maneuvers take place both at sea, on land and in the air, so 32 ships, 14 planes and helicopters, as well as 57 units of military equipment and artillery take part in them.

On Wednesday, March 22, units of the Romanian, Polish, and Moldovan marines, as well as the Romanian infantry, will conduct training at the shooting range in Babadag.

Next week, the military will test its skills in evacuating civilians by water along the Danube and the Black Sea in the port of Constanta. Another scenario for practice involves neutralizing an enemy amphibious unit that has already reached the shore.

This year’s naval maneuvers are the largest organized by Romania. They take place after a one-year break caused by the start of the war in Ukraine.

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