Near Izyum, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the General – Chief of Staff of the Russian Airborne Forces

As a result of a powerful strike on the advanced command post of the 2nd Army of the Russian invaders in the Kharkov region, the Russian Major General Andrey Simonov was liquidated. According to information from sources close to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the general was killed as a result of an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Izyum region.

It was officially reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had destroyed the enemy command post in the village of Zabavnoe, Kharkiv region. The corresponding video with footage of the defeat of the positions of the Russian invaders was published on the Web.

Alexei Arestovich commented on the blow to the headquarters in Izyum:

“Two strikes on Izyum: the headquarters of the Airborne Forces, the headquarters of the second combined arms. Even on the lower border, count 100 corpses in one place, 200 in another, at least 100 in the third. The upper limit is 200-300”

Arestovich also commented on the information about the possible destruction of the chief of staff of the Russian Airborne Forces, General Simonov, which appeared in the media earlier on Saturday.

Andrey Simonov

“According to some data that require verification, the chief of staff of the Airborne Forces was destroyed.”

This is already the ninth general of the Russian army, who died in Ukraine, according to unofficial estimates. Officially, the Russian occupiers admit only a part of their losses, including senior officers. The Russian side has not yet confirmed the death of Simonov either.

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