It was proved that near Popasna, a Russian general was eliminated by the Ukrainian military

His liquidation was hidden in Moscow. At the time of the destruction, he commanded the “DPR” army corps.

In June, near Popasna, the Ukrainian military liquidated Russian Lieutenant General Roman Kutuzov.

Such data was found by the journalist Serhii Kostezh. So, he noted that Ukrainian intelligence reported on the liquidation of this general, but his death, like other high military officials, was denied by the Russian command.

“It turns out that already on the federal military pantheon near Moscow, there is modestly on the lists a certain Lieutenant General Roman Kutuzov, who somehow died in June near Popasna,” the journalist wrote.

He noted that according to the official version, Kutuzov commanded the 8th army and should have been in Novocherkassk, Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

“It turns out not. These days, for some reason, he commanded the 1st army corps of the “DPR”. It’s strange because in Russia they have been saying something for eight years that we have a “civil war” here. The Russian Federation is in command of a bunch of separatist militants. How is that?” – commented the journalist.

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