New business centre PlatOn for creative ideas in Odessa

The construction company Gefest presented a project of a new business centre “PlatOn”: a 23-storeys tower on Genuezskaya (Genoese) Street, with 580 parking spaces, a roof garden and an open encircling terrace. It will be a class “A+” building with the highest level of service, full automation of all life support systems, a smart access system and its own security services. Moreover, a Philosophers Art Square will be realised in the location.

The company also explained why the centre was named “PlatON”. Firstly, it is located in the top location of the Gagarin Plateau (PLAT). And secondly, the concept of the business centre is based on the idea of ​​combining the principles of Platonic philosophy of development, harmony of personality and modern technologies. Moreover, the project will be the inclusion (ON) of new start-ups and large investors in the life of the city.

According to Panteleimon Boumbouras, President of the Gefest construction company, PlatOn business center is not only a unique architectural idea, but also a solution to the existing problems of the commercial real estate sector.

I am convinced that our business centre will make it possible to realise the most creative ideas. Hephaestus has been working on this idea for a long time; all the nuances and needs of the market were taken into account. This project will be implemented quickly, with maximum safety and thoughtful comfort.

Panteleimon Bumburas, President of Gefest construction company

According to the planners, PlatOn envisages banks, post office, cafes, restaurants, medical center, pharmacy, fitness room, beauty salons, foreign language school and children’s center located on floors 1-3. The entire territory will have high-speed wi-fi for guests and ip-telephony for residents of the business centre.

Vasilis Bumburas, executive director of the Hephaestus IC, assures that the company has taken the issue of infrastructure seriously, having thought through everything to the smallest detail, taking into account modern needs.

Genoese is a fairly busy street. And the issue of parking for guests and employees of the business center was key for us. Therefore, we have provided for more than 580 parking spaces and a unique opportunity for additional rental of parking spaces in the Ellada complex through a mobile application. In addition, there will be a dedicated area for parking bicycles and electric scooters, as well as charging stations for electric cars.

We have invested not only money in this unique project, but also our soul. Because we want it to become an example of how the problems of the business real estate sector can be solved once and for all.

Vasilis Bumburas, executive director of Hephaestus IC

Completion of the construction of the PlatOn business centre is scheduled for the end of 2024.

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