New Holocaust Memorial Museum in Odessa

The municipal enterprise “City Capital Construction” commissioned the construction of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Prokhorovsky Park.

City Capital Construction has become the customer for the reconstruction of a non-residential building in the Prokhorovsky park in Odessa for a museum in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the improvement of the green zone. This decision was made by the executive committee of the Odessa City Council.

As the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov said during the meeting, foreign Jewish public organisations, including those from the United States, expressed a desire to finance the reconstruction.

We were asked to sell this object (non-residential building in Prokhorovsky Square). We came to the conclusion that we will build, and then we will hand it over, and all the vital activities of this museum will be provided by the organisations.

It should be a modern interactive museum with modern technologies.

Gennady Trukhanov

The mayor also instructed to look for money for reconstruction in the budget. The Executive Committee of the Odessa City Council decided to transfer the KP to the balance sheet of a non-residential building with a total area of ​​118.9 sq. m in Prokhorovsky square.

The Odessa Regional Association of Jews, former prisoners of ghettos and Nazi concentration camps, which has been renting the mentioned building since August 2018, received the town-planning conditions and restrictions for the design of the future museum.

The reconstruction project was developed by the architectural studio Dekart. It is not known whether the museum will be implemented in accordance with this project or the Municipal Enterprise will order a new one.

Source: Dumskaya.net