New housing in Ukraine will be built with bomb shelters. The experience of Israel is already being considered

When rebuilding war-torn homes, they will focus on security and design new homes with modern bomb shelters. This was stated by the head of the political party “Servant of the People” Olena Shulyak.

“We are looking at the experience of Israel, which has been using these rules since 2004. Housing is built with bunkers equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Separate bunkers are being built for old houses,” Shulyak said.

According to her, the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development will be the customer of the new building norms, and state institutes will develop them. The new houses will have bomb shelters.

“In many cities, bomb shelters were used for commercial purposes. In the example of Kyiv, we see that many bomb shelters could not be used. It is good that there is a subway that received people. But this situation needs to be corrected. It is necessary to check which bomb shelters can be returned to communal ownership and provide for their arrangement in new facilities,” the head of the” Servants of the People “is convinced.

She predicts that all participants in the construction process will welcome this idea.

“The issue of security of Ukrainians will be in the first place, and we must do everything to protect people in the future, as other countries do,” Shulyak said.

She explained that the designers would not be able to ignore the new building codes because in this case the project would not pass the examination, and the developer would not be able to build.

Shulyak also reminded that the parliament is preparing for the second reading of the bill №5655, which strengthens criminal and administrative liability for all participants in the construction process.

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