New types of energy generation will appear in Ukraine this year

This year Ukraine will build new types of modular and high-maneuvering generation. Energy markets analyst Maxim Belyavsky said installing 300 MW of wind farm capacity is now possible.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine. According to the expert, new alternative energy facilities will also be installed.

“In 2023, new types of generation will be installed: modular, high-speed. Also, despite all the difficulties of regulatory and legal documentation, new alternative energy facilities will be installed. At least today, we have the opportunity to install 300 megawatts of wind power capacity,” Belyavsky said.

In his opinion, installing mobile transformers and distribution stations in Ukraine is possible. The emergence of new facilities will significantly increase the reliability of the Ukrainian energy system.

According to the analyst’s forecast, the first design and survey work on building small modular nuclear reactors will begin this year.

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