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Main Culture — Nine Ukrainian projects were honored at the Architecture Masterprize 2023


Nine Ukrainian projects were honored at the Architecture Masterprize 2023

08 Dec, 2023
Nine Ukrainian projects were honored at the Architecture Masterprize 2023

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Nine Ukrainian projects were recognized at the international architecture, design, and landscape architecture competition, Architecture Masterprize 2023.

HAY Boutique Hotel and SPA by Edem Family by YOD GROUP in the Hospitality Architecture category.

This is a five-star hotel with two restaurants and a spa, inspired by the Carpathian nature. Yod Group considers the project one of the most extensive: they began working on it even before the start of the full-scale war and completed it a year after. The hotel embodies the concept of territorial design, featuring "local aesthetics with cultural codes and honest materials."



Another project by Yod Group, HRAM BAR, received an honorable mention at the award ceremony. The bar, located on Shota Rustaveli Street, opened in July 2023. 



The Office for Time-Travelers in a historic building on Shota Rustaveli Street by TEMP PROJECT received recognition in the Workplace Interior 2023 category. The building belongs to the Neo-Renaissance style and has historical monument status. Work on the project began with research of the historical era of the late 19th century and a search for details that have survived from the original interior. We renewed an old wooden parquet, plaster moldings, decorative stucco rosettes on the ceiling, and old fireplaces decorated with ceramic tiles. White walls, light wood shades, and glass partitions create the effect of a clean slate, a comfortable background for intellectual work.



The penthouse "Roofs of Podil" in the "Monster House" by Yana Molodykh received recognition in the Apartments Interior category.

The apartment is a typical Piede-à-Terre for a family couple who live in a private house in a Kyiv suburb and come to Kyiv on weekends to immerse in cultural life. The interior of the apartment corresponds to the context of Podil, one of the most picturesque districts of Kyiv. The designer aimed to convey the cultural context through the interior. She mixed the elements of classical and modernist architecture and added the colors of constructivism and the background wood. The designer faced the task of turning the technical shortcomings of the attic space into its advantages.



Charismatic Apartment" by OLD&NEW by Victoria Karieva, Andriy Anisimov and Andriy Bezuglov. A charismatic personality usually combines several traits that could seemingly belong to entirely different people. It is the same with this interior design - in the small area of Old&New apartment, it combines several different styles without any buffer zones or smooth transitions, coexisting in a shared space and shaping a unique harmony. There is a place for vintage carpets, a green kitchen cupboard, concrete ceilings, and the vibe of a "grandmother's house".



The apartment "Marballoon" by Victoria Karieva was also recognized in the CONCEPTUAL INTERIOR category. There is an opinion that the ideal shape is a circle. We believe that the ideal form does not have a definite name. In this project, we tried to emphasize the beauty of the generally accepted concept of irregular shape. That is why each Marballoon room is so different, without losing the overall leitmotif of the interior. The interior of this apartment was created without any restrictions from customers, and we are very grateful for that. So the idea of Marballoon is primarily the embodiment of freedom.



Yakusha was recognized in the Small Firm of the Year category. This new category acknowledges the complete portfolio of small, medium, and large studios based on parameters of design excellence, innovation, and more. YAKUSHA is a multidisciplinary studio founded by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoria Yakusha in 2006. The studio creates modern architecture, interiors, and product design FAINA of pure laconic aesthetics. Live design is the studio’s philosophy and signature approach. Inviting one to go inward by interacting with millennia-old techniques, customs, and primeval materials. Minimalist, yet spirited; deeply connected to nature, live spaces encourage one to feel, not only to look.



Bogdanova Bureau also received an honorable mention for the conceptual showroom Mukha in Vienna. This interior was designed for a historic building on Strobelgasse street, one of the central shopping streets with showrooms of global clothing brands. The retail space drew inspiration from entomology, the science of insects, specifically the enlarged eye of a fly, as explained by the bureau.



The UMI chair by WOO was nominated in the Furnishing category for the Product Design Award 2023. The designer, Rostislav Sorokovoy, aimed to create an object that resembles a soft sculpture rather than a piece of furniture. A thing for the world, overloaded with information and details and striving for minimalism and clean lines. The seat and back of Umi armchair consist of two cylinders joined in a horseshoe shape. The legs are also cylindrical, the back pair is longer than the front. The ergonomic proportions of the chair provide a comfortable sitting position, and the playful shape provokes you to find your own way of interacting with UMI. The chair is suitable for relaxation, reading, and even meditation.


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