Norwegians have opened fundraising for Bayraktar for Ukraine

Norwegians are urged to participate in fundraising money for Bayraktar drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The corresponding message was published on the Spleis fundraising website.

Organizers plan to raise 55 million crowns (about $5.5 million).

Give a Bayraktar from a Norwegian to the Ukrainian people – show solidarity with Ukraine’s fight against Putin. Lithuania has collected for one Bayraktar in three days, Poland has collected for three Bayraktar and Ukraine has collected for three Bayraktar in a few days. Of course, Norway must do at least the same

the statement said

It takes less than ten crowns from each inhabitant of Norway to close the collection. All the money raised will go either to buy a drone, or to the aid fund at the Embassy of Ukraine.

Those who are among the first thousand people who donate more than 250 crowns will be able to help decide on the name of the drone.

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