OC “South”: Occupants probably fled the island after the UAF strike on Snake Island

Ukrainian troops attacked Snake Island at night, after which the Russian invaders probably left the island.

This is stated in the message by “South” Operational Command on Facebook.

“During the night, as a result of a successful next stage of the military operation with firing by our missile and artillery units on Snake Island, the enemy hastily evacuated the remnants of the garrison by two speed boats and probably left the island,” the message says.

Now there is a fire on an island, and explosions are heard.

“The final results of the operation are being reconnoitered,” the command added.

The Operational Command “South” reported that in the Black Sea, the defenders of Ukraine continued their operation on Snake Island, where they managed to hit another Pantsir-C1 cannon-missile system. In addition, our military eliminated 40 invaders and destroyed a lot of Russian equipment in the south.

This is not the first successful strike on the island. Russian equipment was repeatedly destroyed there, including the air defense systems of the Russian Federation.