Odesa International Film Festival: Call for entries

The 13th Odesa International Film Festival, which will take place July 23-30, 2022, begins the selection of films for the following programmes: the National Competition Programme: (full-length and short films) and the International Competition “Visions of Europe”.

To submit your film please fill out the online form on the official website of the film festival as well as provide all the necessary materials by 2:59:59 (Kyiv time, UTC+2 ) on May 31, 2022.

The opening of applications for participation in the competition of the Odesa International Film Festival is always a very long-awaited and at the same time exciting moment. This is the starting point for the meeting of the OIFF audience in the cinema, which will form this year’s lineup of the festival. I am sure that OIFF guests will be impressed by the professional level of filmmakers, as well as the genre orientation and diversity of worldviews presented in the works, OIFF Executive Director Anna Machukh noted.

Fiction, non-fiction, experimental and animated full-length and short Ukrainian films of all genres produced in 2021 or 2022 are eligible for submission to the National Competition Programme. Priority will be given to films having their Ukrainian premiere within the National Competition Programme.

The selection of films for the National Competition Programme is carried out by the selection committee.

Feature films of high artistic quality that have audience potential (“art mainstream”) are eligible for submission to the International Competition Programme “Visions of Europe”. Films made in Central, Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Europe, completed after January 1, 2021, which did not premiere in Ukraine at the beginning of the 2022 Film Festival, are eligible for selection.

Films will be selected by the festival programme department.

Our international competition is dedicated to one of the outposts of world culture and civilization –Europe. For some, it is depicted as a dream, a heavenly abode of prosperity and freedom. For others, this territory is like a battlefield, an existential impasse, a mirage that hides behind its prosperous façade, a space of irreconcilable contradictions and passions of life. The 12 films we have to select this year, of course, will not be able to cover the vast and give a comprehensive picture of what Europe is like and what it means to be a European today. However, we will try to get closer to understanding these images and meanings. Turning to different genres, traditions and schools, from fragments of love dramas, action stories, national flair, fiction and reality, historical past and present, which took a step into the future, we will try to unite the ends and present a multipolar image of an inseparable world which surrounds us, that we are a part of, without which we will never understand ourselves. I hope that beautiful, charming and wise stories are waiting for us. We will be discovering the big wide world and dissolving into its mystery, Advisory Board Member of programming Igor Soukmanov added.

Films submitted for participation in the International Competition Programme “Visions of Europe” can also be selected for participation in non-competition programmes of the Film Festival. Such participation is additionally agreed with the person who submitted the relevant application for participation.

Please find detailed information about the submission procedure to the 13th Odesa Film Festival in the section “Regulations”.

In addition to the competition programmes, the non-competitive sections and retrospective screenings will be presented within the 13th OIFF. The festival will also feature the Film Industry Office, Summer Film Market and educational programme “Summer Film School”.