Odesa Photo Days: Lithuanian photography

On May 22, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine, the curatorial project of Darius Vaicekauskas — an exhibition of contemporary Lithuanian photography “Lost Time” will open at the Invogue Art Gallery. 

The project explores contemporary photography, post-photography and the various ways in which images are manipulated by artists to fill photography with relevant meanings and interpretations. So today, at a time when everything seems to have been photographed, artists are expanding our understanding of the possibilities of the photographic medium. In the group exhibition you can see the works of Aurelija Maknyte, Dovile Dagiene, Darius Vaicekauskas, Juozapas Kalnius, Vytautas Kumza, Valentyn Odnoviun, Ieva Rute.

Melting City of Klaipėda
Juozapas Kalnius, 2019

Each of the authors focuses on different stages of photography, resorting to completely different approaches. Thus, in the series “Deconstructions” Darius Vaičekauskas rethinks the original works of other artists, using them as raw materials, paraphrasing them in his own way. In The Trial series, Valentyn Odnoviun uses a photo paper found in a Tallinn prison as a witness to the violence of the regimes, and Dovile Dagiene attempts to give physical form to light and time through experiments with images.

Left: Tricks and Trade Secrets, 2017
Right: ELINE for sickymag.com
Vytautas Kumza

Darius Vaicekauskas is a curator and photographer working in Klaipeda. His personal projects were demonstrated in Lithuania, Switzerland and Portugal. Last year he was the curator of the Month of Lithuanian Photography in Kyiv. Together with Ukrainian researcher Halyna Hleba, he curated the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian photography “Love, Lust and Fury” in Klaipeda.

Darius Vaicekauskas during The Month of Lithuanian Photography in Kyiv, 2020

All events will take place in the open air or in spacious rooms by prior registration, entrance to the exhibitions—in small groups, according to the size of the room. We kindly ask all guests to wear masks and keep a social distance.

The announcement features the images by Vytautas Kumža, 2017

Ieva Rute