Odessa extreme cyclist wants to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a sea bike

Ruslan Verin, famous Odessa extreme cylcist, is preparing to cross the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland on a sea bike.

I want to set a Guinness record and a Ukrainian record! It will be an absolute solo trip for 4-5 months (depending on winds, currents, storms), where satellite communications, solar panels, a watermaker, fish, sublimate supplies and a video camera.

Ruslan Verin, Facebook page

Verin believes that the main goal of this trip is to promote environmental protection.

Pollution of the oceans. I will collect the garbage that I meet, there are many videos on the Internet about garbage islands in the oceans.

Ruslan Verin, Facebook page

Presently, the traveller is looking for a team that could carry out his plans, and sponsors. Many specialists have already responded to the call, Ruslan believes that with their help it will be possible to implement his plan.

Verin was the first of the Ukrainians to get from Odessa to Singapore by bicycle, having covered almost 15 thousand kilometers. He travelled across America on his steel horse in two years: first he travelled from Alaska to Mexico City, and the next year he reached the West of Argentina through Peru. But it was not possible to conquer all of South America, because his plans were thwarted by the Coronavirus.