Odessa Film Studio shoots the patriotic series “Kings of the World”

“Kings of the World” – a series dedicated to the Ukrainian writer Yuri Yanovsky. The script is based on the real events.

1926. Yuri Yanovsky, a young writer at the time, was invited to become the artistic director and editor of the Odessa Film Studio a new enterprise important to Ukrainian culture. His task is to create a new cinema. Yuri does not pay attention to the fact that his every step is monitored.

Synopsis: 1926. The artistic director of the Odessa Film Studio, Yuri Yanovsky, dreams of bringing Ukrainian cinema to the world level, despite the problems in his personal life, the political situation in Ukraine and crime in Odessa. But the directors and actors of the film studio work with the participants in the liberation struggle, not forgetting about their patriotic past. Therefore, the situation with the films started is critical, but Yanovsky receives a contract for the rental of films in Europe, makes them believe in projects, complete filming and get a new national cinema.

The role of Yuri Yanovsky was played by Vlad Nikityuk.

Producer: Andrey Osipov.
Director, script: Konstantin Konovalov.
Number of episodes: 4.
Genre: Drama.

Yuri Ivanovich Yanovsky

Yuri Ivanovich Yanovsky – Ukrainian Soviet writer, advertiser, screenwriter and editor. Laureate of the Stalin Prize of the third degree (1949). In 1926-1927, he really worked as the chief editor of the script department of the All-Ukrainian Photo and Film Administration and lived in Odessa, where the Odessa Film Studio was located.

Subsequently, the writer summarized his film experience in the collection of essays “Hollywood on the Black Sea Coast” and the novel “The Master of the Ship”.

At this stage, a teaser for the upcoming series was filmed. There are still no details about the release date and the amount of funding.