Odessa Film Studio’s “Why I’m Alive” won the Best Feature Film Director at Silk Road Film Awards Cannes

The film was awarded in the nomination Best Feature Film Director. Director: Villen Novak

We are grateful for the appreciation of our film

Odessa Film Studio

The film is about the lives of two families from Mariupol in the 1940s. One is Jewish (father is an opera artist, mother is a choreographer), the other is Orthodox.

The two families do not intersect until their children begin to meet each other. Lyonchik and Frosya, against the will of their anti-Semitic father, are not going to break off the relationship. The girl is pregnant, and a joint wedding is celebrated in two traditions. Happiness does not last long: the war begins and the Nazi come.

Why I’m Alive

Earlier, the film “Why I’m Alive” won two international festivals – Europe Film Festival and Future of Film Awards.

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