Odessa globe-trotter cyclist arrived to Iran

The famous bicycle traveller from Odessa Ruslan Verin, who travelled tens of thousands of kilometers across Asia and North and South America, decided on a new short trip. This time, he set himself the goal of studying life in Iran in more detail, one of the most closed countries in the world with an ancient culture.

From previous travels, Ruslan also has good friends in Iran who welcomed him to visit. On the way, Ruslan gets to know the local population, which often meets him good-naturedly. He has already attended an Iranian wedding and has stayed in several Iranian apartments.

However, despite the benevolence, someone met by the Odessn on the way turned out to be a dishonest person. Special cycling shoes for $ 200 were stolen from Ruslan and another $ 100 from his wallet.

However, Ruslan considered these incidents to be something of a test of fate and is trying to find the strength for optimism and faith in people. What to do in an unfamiliar country is quite difficult.