Odessa in 1982. Photos by British photojournalist Ian Berry

In 1982, the Magnum Photos photojournalist took a series of street photos about the life of Soviet citizens of Odessa.

Ian Berry was born in Lancashire, England. He made his reputation in South Africa, where he worked for the Daily Mail and later for Drum magazine. He was the only photographer to document the massacre at Sharpeville in 1960, and his photographs were used in the trial to prove the victims’ innocence.

Important editorial assignments have included work for National Geographic, Fortune, Stern, Geo, national Sunday magazines, Esquire, Paris-Match and Life. Berry has also reported on the political and social transformations in China and the former USSR

In 1964, Berry moved to London and started working for Observer Magazine. Since then, he has traveled the world filming documentary photographs of social and political struggles in China, the Republic of the Congo, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Israel, Ireland, Vietnam and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

In 1982, Ian Berry traveled to Odessa and took a series of photographs about the life of Soviet citizens of Odessa. This is how he captured her:

At the monument. 1982
A woman gardener spraying with a hosepipe in front of the colonnades of Count Vorontson’s Palace. 1982
At the rehearsal of the puppet show in the theater. 1982
In Shevchenko park
At the Starokonny market
Saint Panteleimon Cathedral
Stolyarsky music school student
Woman trying to sell flowers to a man
An event at the city centre
Women in the market
Tourists at the Potemkin Stairs
Ukrainian ballet troupe performs on the stage of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater
At the Stroygidravlika plant, which produces engines for cranes, excavators, etc.
At the museum
Stolyarsky Music school
Ballerinas during rehearsal
In kindergarten
Children rehearse the play
Driver with his car decorated with wedding flowers and a doll waits for the bride and groom to emerge after their wedding. 1982
The Boulevard Stairway or better known as the Potemkin Steps after the Battleship Potemkin, the crew of which went on strike against their officers in 1905. At the bottom a large Russian Hammer and Sickle. 1982
Woman hanging out washing in a patch of sunshine in an overall view of the city. 1982
Ukraine. Odessa. Interior of theatre and opera house moments before a performance. 1982

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