Odessa will host a concert of jazz and classical in the underground hall

In Odessa, in the theatrical space TEO, located underground, a duet of Odessa pianist Aleksey Petukhov and saxophonist Mike Yevtushenko will give a concert on August 4.

Mike Yevtushenko is a saxophonist, composer and bandleader. Soloist of the Graz Composers Orchestra, a jazz university graduate, the cradle of European jazz University of Music & Performing Arts, Graz Austria.

Behind him is the “Album of the Year” according to the most respected world jazz magazine “Downbeat Magazine” (together with the Mereneu Project), collaborations with Glenn Miller Orchestra, HGM Jazz Orchester Zagreb, Rob Spielberg Orchestra, Jatoba Latin Big Band, Silvio Gabriel and Cu many etc. His tours were successfully held in Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

He has performed with 8-time Grammy winner Bob Brookmeyer, first NDR Jazz Prize winner Ed Partyka, Don Menza, Emiliano Sampaio, Ewald Oberleitner, Claus Raible, and Marco Antonia da Costa and many other famous jazzmen.

Musicians travel hundreds of kilometers between their homes so that a dialogue takes place on several square meters of the stage, where there is frankness and the ability to hear each other, without pathos and makeup, sharply and sincerely. Both are authors and performers, soloists and accompanists, speakers and listeners.

Aleksey Petukhov and Mike Yevtushenko are well known to Ukrainian music lovers thanks to their successful creative projects that have been presented on many stages in Ukraine and abroad.

The author’s music of performers with deep traditional roots, dynamic and at the same time thoughtful and philosophical, will allow you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of ease and lightness. Virtuoso improvisations and the acoustic sound of the piano and saxophone will allow you to feel again the freedom of thought for which we love jazz so much.

In this big concert, the musicians will perform in two parts; in the first part, they will present original music, arrangements of classical themes and melodies, and after a break, they will continue with popular and life-affirming jazz standards. The special guest of the program is a young vocalist Arina Bekina.

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