Odessa Wine Festival

Odessa Wine Festival in Dukovsky Park will take place on 25-28 June. The organisers invites Odessans and the guests of the city to plunge into the atmosphere of wine culture through the prism of the perception of an ordinary person.

The festival will take place on the bank of a small pond, in a historical location: the dacha of one of the most beloved governor of Odessa, Duke de Richelieu.

Experience more than 300 food artisans, wineries, distilleries, epicurean purveyors, and locally-made products at this ultimate food and wine experience. The widest selection of cheeses, oysters, nuts, sweets and much more awaits for the guests at the food court of the Odessa Wine Festival.

The main goal of the festival is the culture of wine consumption as a gastronomic product, and therefore wine drinks are served exclusively in individual branded glass glasses of the festival, which can be purchased in a wide range at the festival itself. The price of a glass is 100 UAH.

The guest zone of the festival is equipped with more than 1500 seats and covered with outdoor umbrellas. The festival staff is more than two hundred employees to ensure a comfortable stay.

During the entire time of the event, there is a children’s area of ​​attractions and a sweet food court. We strongly urge patrons to leave vehicles at their place of lodging and take public transportation to the event if possible.

The project was created by the team of organisers of the Odessa Beer Festival and the Ukraine Aviation Show.

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