Of the 20 car plants, only two are working: Putin admitted the collapse of the local auto industry

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the “difficult” situation with the production of cars in the country.

As you know, the production of cars has noticeably decreased because of the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

So, in the aggressor country, the production of cars has fallen by 85%. The sale of cars is also seriously affected, which has lost more than 75% since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

A complete failure in the production of cars was recognized even by Putin, as he announced at a meeting on the development of the automotive industry.

“Compared to the figures a year earlier, in March this year, the output of the domestic auto industry in Russia was three times lower, and in April – five times lower,” Putin stated.

Putin noted that it is necessary to “ensure technological sovereignty” and “saturate” the domestic market where there is a shortage.

Attempts to resume production at AvtoVAZ, producing Lada Granta without airbags, have so far failed: three weeks later, the plant started the conveyor three times only to stop it again.

The country’s largest foreign car factory, Avtotor in Kaliningrad, sent employees to harvest potatoes and strawberries.

Of the 20 car factories that worked in Russia before the start of the war, only two remained.

“This year, before the end of the year, everything necessary must be done so that the situation does not become an emergency,” Putin said after the meeting, stressing that action must be taken urgently, without bureaucratic red tape.

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