Oleg Nikolenko: Russia manipulates with peace negotiations

The statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry about its readiness for negotiations with Ukraine is another smoke curtain.

Russian officials and those around Putin say they are ready to negotiate with Ukraine. However, at the same time, peaceful cities of our state are being shelled.

Oleg Nikolenko, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, wrote about this in his Facebook page.

According to him, information began appearing in the media that the Russian Federation seemed ready for negotiations. But at the same time, those close to Putin say they are “ready for negotiations, taking into account the realities that are emerging at the moment.”

“The statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry is another smoke screen. Russian officials start reminiscing about negotiations every time Russian troops are defeated on the battlefield. Moscow is not interested in restoring peace in Ukraine. Simulating a readiness for dialogue, the Russian Federation is trying to gain time to regroup units, prepare the recently mobilized Russians, resolve the issue of a lack of weapons, eliminate logistics shortcomings, and then resort to new waves of aggression with renewed vigor. We already went through this in 2014-2015,” said Oleg Nikolenko.

Oleg Nikolenko

He also stressed that those who are interested in peace negotiations do not destroy cities and villages, do not kill civilians, do not destroy energy infrastructure, do not mock the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territories, do not interfere with food supplies.

Recall that by promoting the so-called “peace initiatives” Russia is trying to achieve a truce at the front in order to form an army and launch a new offensive against Ukraine.

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